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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Get Organized - Step 4: Analyze

As you go through your house (or craft area), notice where clutter collects and focus on finding a solution for those areas.

For example, paper causes organization problems for most people. When bills come in they go into a mail folder sorted by recipient upstairs, then I pay my bills online in the upstairs in the office and shred up there as well. Hubby pays his bills the old fashioned way so the mail gets bundled once a month for the trip to the bank, then ends up in the car for another few weeks and eventually comes back in the house onto the kitchen table. What do I do, I refile it back into the mail folder upstairs and he sees it again and again... we obviously need to rethink that system.
Now, another thing i do is sort the recycling before the mail even reached the mail folders so it never makes it past the front door.

Analyzing the problem areas in your house is vital. Walk through your house and notice what is and isn’t working. The areas that need help are the areas with clutter. Let your house and your habits point out solutions for you.

... Stay tuned, more to come...

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