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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Get Organized - Step 2: SORT

To begin the decluttering process, start with 5 boxes, labeled as follows:

  1. Garbage (Toss it)
  2. Donate (To someone who needs/could use it)
  3. Another Room (The “Another Room” box is for items that don’t belong in that space. Instead of putting those items away immediately, put them all in a box and put them away after you’re completely finished. If you put things away as you find them, you’ll get distracted in other rooms and never finish the original space. )
  4. Think About (The “Think About” box is for items that you need to give some more thought. There might be some items, etc, that you aren’t ready to give or throw away just yet *scrapbooker alert* Put them on probation and wait three months. If you don’t USE THEM or think about those items in three months, get rid of them!! Promise!!)
  5. Return (The “Return” box is for items that you’ve borrowed or for purchased items with tags still on. Return the borrowed items to the lender and take the unused tagged items back to the store.)

    Begin with one small area and make a huge pile of everything on the floor. You can tackle small areas at a time to make it less overwhelming ;) I was thinking of just organizing my craft area, not the whole house quite yet LOL ... Start by taking things out of previous containers so you can see it all. This will help you sort and categorize. Make sure your 5 containers are clearly marked so you don’t throw away something you wanted to donate, etc.

    ... Stay tuned, more to come...

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