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Monday, February 15, 2010

Samana, Dominican Republic & Post-It Note Holder

Where in the world am I??
Today we're docking in Samana, Dominican Republic
TAKE NOTE... my mother's mother was one of the last 100 living Arawak Indians on the island of Jamaica, where the last 4 generations of my family were born. (I also have descendants from France, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Panama, Africa, England and these Native Arawak Indians) so I hope that today I will be taking the Taino Indian Cave Exploration Tour and can't wait to show you pictures ;) It's so weird that Haiti is attached to the Dominican Republic - they're the same island split almost in half. When you see the aerial view, Haiti is about 80% deforested and almost a living hell after the Jen 12th earthquake, whereas the Dominican republic still has traces of rainforest. How far we've come since the days of the Taino, Arawak and Carib Indians... and Christopher Columbus.

On Friday, we'll stop in Dominica (dohm'in'ee'kah) - not to be mistaken with the Dominican Republic which is a completely different island. The Commonwealth of Dominica is celebrating their Carnival Monday today. I can't wait to see pictures of the beautiful costumes when we arrive there on Friday!
So since you've been "taking note" of my ancestral history, and all these cultural tidbits, I thought I'd inpire you with this easy-peasy tutorial ...

But I wouldn't be having this much fun and not remember you sooo.... ... While I'm cruising the Caribbean Sea in February, I'd like to celebrate my 1st Pretty Little Things blogoversary with all of you wonderful and inspiring people who've become part of my daily life by thanking my BBFF's with some BLOG CANDY!!! See this post for details and I'll absolutely ship anywhere in the world!

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