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Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentines card was a real flop!

Siiiigh... I'm still a little irritated at my machine, and more irritated that it is user error! So, I had my file ready for Valentines, went to the store and bought all the same "type" of paper in the colours I'd need for the card and was all excited at my first big project.

(GASP! Using whole 12X12 sheets, cutting to 8.5x11 to feed through the cutter!!!) I was really spoiled with my QK revolution because I became a TRUE BONAFIED SCRAPper... key word being scraps!! I was able to use up such small pieces by placing them right over the die cut and wow, I could use up a sheet of paper until there was nothing left of it! I really miss that. I miss scrapping too... this has taken up so much time int he learning and experimenting with it :(

... back to the drama!

So, I send the base card to cut and used some advice I got and copied and pasted the exact image 3 times and woudl you believe even though it test cut OKAY!!! The darned card cut what I designed but not all the way through... AGAINNN!!! Grrr how frustrating. No amount of "exacto surgery" could help what I had left to still cut so I was so so soooo disappointed. I honestly don't know what the heck happened :P Needless to say I did not continue and waste even more paper - but packed up the lil one, went to Walmart and spent $5 on a freakin card!!! Grrrr! A nice val card for hubby mind you and CHEAPER than the paper I just bought but so so soooooo disappointing!

Anyway, until we meet again, this is a pic of the unfinished Valentines pop-up that I attempted to create myself. The pop-up is a bit of a problem because I can't alter the outline so the "tabs" are dashed cut instead of a complete cut so lil Taz still separates from the card. I can't tell you enough, despite the new 5.1 version with it's welding, etc - I can't wait for the KNK Studio that I plan to purchase from Sandy at That woman is just a cutter's angel I tell you. She gets it! She's designed it, cut it, got the Tshirt, wrote the manual and advises on software! WOAHHH!!!! She's my hero and I am buying the program that she endorses, and going to take advantage of the video tutorials she offers with the purchase and from her website. I seriously am salivating and cannot wait!

Speaking of cutter angels, my Guru-cutter friend, Cyndiana Jones flew in to save me when my cuts 'looked like a sugar-loaded 2 year old with a machete made the cutz' hahahaa! I was able to clean my no-sticky-enough cutting mat thanks to her :) C
heck her out at:
Cynful Designs, For A Little Bit of EveryBling! Silhouette Certified by QuicKutz, 07/21/2008
Examples and Project/Item photos below:

Have a great day and I promise when I figure out the Taz card I'll share it with you so stay tuned ;)

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