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Monday, February 2, 2009

Slooowly but surely...

... like a dinasaur, am getting this software to work and boyyyy is it ever painstaking! I have started a few .GSD files where I have pretty much had to trace the whole darned thing because the "get utline/trace" function SUCKS!! Anyhow, I haven't test cut these yet cause my eyes are dry and I am grumpy but I've uploaded them to my little download site, so BE WARNED, I haven't cut any of them, I'm just practicing!!! Any help you could offer owuld be muuuuch appreciated :) HELP!

  • Bandaid - not as cute as I'd hoped
  • Bazooples - I deleted a biiiig huge thingy that had a bunch of stuff attached, I wrecked the darned thing after tracing it for ovver an hour!! Here's the mess anyway :(
  • Buck toothed Bunny - she's cute :)
  • Ganesh - I've noticed that a lot of logos for businesses would make good cutting files cause they are clean and simple!
  • Heart Card - Surely useful, I like to mat the background so the complimenting colour comes through. It was really sexy cut in black with a hot pink background on the inside peeking out :)
Remember I haven't cut any of these, so let me know how it goes :)

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