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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Name is Nikki and I'm admittedly a GSD-aholic

Siiigh... well, my cutter-world is getting a little better, and my life as a Future-CutMaster slowly seeming a teensie bit more possible, mostly thanks to my dear "virtual friend" Sandy McCauley over at who was kind enough to give me a really workable set of folder names so my filing system is looking really really organized :) Thanks as well to my Yahooligan friend "Lana" who suggested putting a JPG next to the cutter file for ease of finding exactly what you want. An organized mind and life is a happy one for me (OMG I'm sounding sooo anal - haha!!) Here are her file folder organizing suggestions - thanks Lana!!

3D Projects; Animals; Baby & Children; Basic Shapes; Beach things; Birds; Boxes & handbags; Bugs & Insects; Cards; Cats & Dogs; Celtic Designs; Chinese symbols; Christmas; Corners, Banners & Borders; Craft Patterns; Easter; Envelopes; Farm Animals; Flame Designs; Flowers; Fonts; Food; Frames; Fruit; Furniture; Garden Stuff; Girly Things; Halloween Goodies; Lace Patterns; Male Things; Mats; Mosaics,grids etc; Music Stuff; Objects; Ornament Designs, Paper Dolls & Clothes; Pinstripe Designs; Print & Cut; Retro; Get-well, Doctor; Special Birthday's & Anniversary; Sport; Star Signs; Tags; Teddy Bears; Templates; Tribal Type Designs; Tropical; Valentine; Vehicles; Wedding; Winter Things & Scenes; Word Books & Mini Books; Words

hi ho, hi ho, It's off to cut I go...
thanks to Sandy and Lana and all my Yahooligan friends
hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi hooooo,
and all the generous GSD sharing people cutter land...
hi ho, hi ho, hi ho!! :)
So, I've made a few *original* creations, that I've uploaded to share with you, but please note, I am not crazy enough to attempt to CUT them without having the software to tweak them once I figure out what I need to clean up the cut, so downloader beware, youuu may have to tweak em!! Juuust wait until I can save up enough 'coffee money' to buy Sandy's software, and really focus on her tutorials, I'll just continue collecting files and perhaps for the first time since I got the Silhouette, maybe I'll do some old fashioned scrapbooking this week - GASP!!!

Without further adieu, I'm am very very happy to finally give you something you can work with *hopefully they'll cut okay*


Enjoyyyy... and please please share your final creations with me, I'd love to see them !
Top I learned, but not sure how to help y'all out when your version can't read the gsd file - open an .svg file in Inkscape and save as a .dxf. then load the.dxf in your version of the software. I have to figure out ho to make .svgs for you now ;)


  1. Nikki,
    Just to let you know when you click on the flower GSD you get the bear. Click on the bear, you get the bear. You might want to look to see what happened. :)

  2. I can't open these they are made in the highest form of RM........I only have 2.4..........they are cute!!

  3. Thanks so much Lisa, it's been corrected!

  4. Hi Patti,

    So sorry about the version :( I actually have two suggestions:
    1) use the jpg file, save it to your computer and then import it to the RM software and get
    outline. You'll have almost what I have :)
    2) go to the website and under products-silhouette-support you can download the latest RM software :) Make sure not to choose the SD version though that's a new machine.
    Take care and good luck!




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