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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Santa brought me a Quickutz Silhouette for Christmas!!

... and, I am so in love with it... the possibilities are endless!!
The only problem is that I am obsessed with collecting GSD files *because* I find the Silhouette software is alllmost useless! It's pretty darned frustrating, but thankfully my little creative mind hasn't stopped imagining what I could cut and what I could do with this pretty fabulous invention!
There are so many supportive people I have found online that thankfully I haven't give up yet. BUT - I am yet to be able to get my "get outline" function to do anything of value, so this week, I will call QK Customer Support beacuse the person who answered my email-question was also, not much help at all! So, with a continued positive attitude, I look forward to many great cuts with this great little machine!
P.S. For the record, anything I share with you is for your persopanl use only and where I have altered images, I will give as much credit as I can; you should do the same - thanks in advance!

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  1. Hi Nikki!
    I hear ya on the slacking of scrapbooking. I've finally started using some of my downloaded files for my pages and cards. I'm not doing too bad with the get outline. It just depends on the quality of image I'm trying to get the outline from.

  2. I agree! It took some time to figure out that finickey Robo Software though and the get outline function was zoomed out so so soooo deep it was a fluke that I even found my image! Anyway, now I have figured out the serious of buttons and clicks to make the darned viewer useable :)



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