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Monday, February 2, 2009

My first file swap!

OMG! What have I done?? I have put myself on the list for the Feb File swap in the easywishbladers Yahoo group! ACK! What the heck am I gonna do??? I have some ideas since the theme is love related, but it's not the traditional hearts and roses type thing. So here's my problem... I have IDEAS in my head that I can't get onto the computer screen with my darend Silhouette software... so do I take out my black sharpee marker sketch my darned idea and scan it and then hope to high heaven the darned "trace outline" thingy works this time? GRRR - btw the keyboard tastes like crap LOL!!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions about what software is the easiest to work in? Free or otherwise - guidance needed desperately asap please.


  1. Inkscape. It works good and it is a free download.

  2. Inkscape, if you need help, I do offer private inkscape lessons. I can have you up and running in just one hour! There has NEVER been a file that I cannot create in the inkscape software.


  3. Definitely try Inkscape, although I'm partial to KNK Studio GE because you can cut directly to your Silhouette from it and the cutting will be smoother and faster than from RoboMaster.



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