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Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm addicted and LOVING the KNK Studio GE !!

Hey fellow newbies ... I saved up the coffee coins and made the plunge!! I purchased Sandy McCauley's KNK Studio GE from the package deal link on the right at For those of you who've read about my frustrations you know I was going nutz because I couldn't erase a stinky little line in my Valentines card... IMAGINE! One line, driving me to drink!! Well, I had some generous people try to help me but we were limited by software capabilities and time but in the end, this is the video that sold me on this product. That's as well as Sandy's very generous responses to my questions and posts on Yahoo groups.

Seriously no one's paying me to say this... this software is amazingly INTUITIVE, with bright colours, simple easy to understand icons and for goodness sakes the darned thing makes sense!! No rocket science and trying to make-do becasue of software limitations, and I can finally enjoy designing and manipulating images to cut on my Silhouette. I've got a pep in my step and got joy in my heart as I plan to make my scrapbooking pages of my lil' darlin' EXPLODE now that I have this under control!!

I haven't had much time to actually start playing with real files but have experimented with things and adjusted my preferences as aI go page by page through the manual and I am SO THRILLED I feel the need to use an expeltive I am so thrilled !!! I can't wait to completely get through the manual that SHE, Sandy McCauley wrote and the free video tutorials on her website and the additional ones that come free with your purchase!! Siiiigh... it's a certainly a great day :)

And... our vacation was wonderful BTW, thanks to you know who you are for asking; I am back to work on March 23rd (that part sucks) tee hee

...and since you're still reading, here's a beautiful heart card I made; the R is from my QK Finale alphabet and the inside of the card was hand-cut (how archaic) to give the two-toned look. Enjoy :)

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  1. Tina pumaridge@yahoo.comJuly 31, 2012 at 5:08 AM

    Just found your Blog. I am a TOTAL babe in the woods. Never used a cutter. I am researching the differences between the Cameo and the Zing till my eyes are crossing. I think I am going with the Zing. I'm having heart palpitations thinking about plunking down that kind of money. My problem, I'm sure is that I research till I confuse myself. Now I am reading your Blog and your talking about KNK Studio GE software and I thought the Make the Cut software was supposed to be the best. Please help me decide. You sound like you have experienced my frustration. I work at my local Farmers Market. My Goal is to make crafts that I can sell; RE: Canvas Totes with designs/ and heat transfers. Also car magnets. Don't know which machine would do a better job cutting the magnet material. Also don't want to buy more than I need.



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