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Saturday, March 14, 2009

My first manual tracing file!!

I did it!! I viewed Sandy McCauley's manual tracing video tutorial and in about 4 minutes no-word-of-a-lie this came out of my Silhouette!!!

On our recent vacation, we insisted my 11 month old wear a hat so after "Hi" then "Up" and "Dada", her next word was "hat" which we thought was hilarious because it quickly became an incessant peek-a-boo tool, but at least she wore it!! The pic is of her wearing my hemp Tilley Hat to give her more UV coverage in the hot Mexico sun! I couldn't resist creating this cut-out for her scrapbook.

Enjoy it - summer's coming!! Use different colours for dimension or simply chalk the edges as I have. THANKS SANDY!!!

As an aside, my apologies to my GSD friends, I will figure out how to convert the KNK files from my KNK Studio GE program to GSD files, please bear with me on my learning curve... in the meantime I encourage you to get the program cause I am having a BLAST!!!

TilleyHat.jpg & TilleyHat.knk

~Nikki ;)

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