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Friday, March 20, 2009

My pretty baby

Hi again,

I've been slowly but surely getting our vacation pics into my daughter's scrapbook album and thought I'd share this cute google find that I actually traced myself. Unfortunately though, my tired 3AM eyes and brain saved over my original file and I only have a block of "all black" and "all reds" saved that I put together to cut to save on paper and of course, sorry but I saved over the original traced file (and knowing me may never need or use it again so sorry) but I traced it in no time at all so feel free to try your hand!!
I actually gave her hairstyle piggy tails instead and added a feathery thingy on the scrapbook page it's on so she'd look more like my daughter ;)
If you're my facebook friend, shes wearing the outfit in my profile pic... and as of today you can take a peek on my very first post to see my profile pic ;)

The font I used for the layout was
Chinese Takeaway and I think the page turned out quite cute!
LittleChineseGirl.GSD (This one was retraced in RoboMaster just for you Lisa)



  1. Hi Lisa,

    Okay okay okay.... I'm a sucker for you, I've done a get-outline in Robo Mastert to offer you a GSD file. I relly messed up last night, after such patience in KNK Studio GE I had the cuuuutest pig tails hairstyle I made and the manual tracing was beautiful, siiigh, I've not spent as much time on this one but here's a useful GSD file (see the post above).




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