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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tips & Tricks: Turtle surgery (reviving crappy cuts)

Siiigh... so on our cruise we also visited the Turtle Farm in the Cayman Islands. I found this wonderful dingbat font called Keya's Turtles and fell in love with one of them and proceeded to cut out a turtle in my perfect-colour green paper... and it didn't cut all the way through. Siigh... then I tried again, and again and then had to get creative with the green papers, or rather what was left of the green papers... and FINALLY I gave up and I got out my chalks and chalked the darned turtle after performing a tedious exacto-knife-surgery to cut the outside edge to FREE the turtle from it's almost-cut. So, here's a tip on reviving crappy cuts ;)

Anywhoo... still not very good at selecting paper types and thus blades yet - but at least I am cutting, right :)
I think he's cute!

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