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Thursday, December 3, 2009

There are some Copic question buzzing around
over at the ILoveKNK Yahoo Group
- Hi ladies - Big wave -
Welcome to my blog :)

Here are some introductory tips I'd love to share with those of you interested in dabbling in the beautiful world of Copic Markers!!

1) Start with light colours like this and then this if you intend to invest because no mater how pretty the other colours may be, you'll get more use and become better at using Copic markers if you start light.

2) There is no difference between the Ciao, Sketch or original markers so buy what is available (that alone can be a challenge - trust me!) The ink is exactly the same in all markers, (and are refillable) and the nibs are interchangable too. The refills can refill a marker about 10 times (approx) so after the initial investment these markers are environmentally friendly!

3) They are like watercolour paints but in a marker format, they blend beautifully and are rich and vibrant and can be used on many many surfaces because they are alcohol based.

4) There is an airbrush system (also on my Christmas list) and I intend to use my DigiCutter to
make "masks" for airbrushing - I'm so excited!

5) Visit ilikemarkers to meet Marianne (the Sandy McCauley of Copics).

BE PATIENT, there are different techniques in applying and blending with Copics and there is a REASON I flew to another province to become certified... there is a slight learning curve and room for frustration if you don't know how to really get the most out of these awesome markers!! They really are incomparable in my opinion to the others on the market - they are awesome!!

... Stay tuned for my "testing" pages from my certification course... :)

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  1. Nikki, just FYI, there IS a difference between the Sketch/Ciao and Copic nibs. You can't swap them freely. Sketch and Ciao you can, but Copic nibs you can't. Otherwise, I love your blog and thanks for sharing deets with everyone!!




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