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Friday, December 4, 2009

Copic Markers and choosing your Paper

Man... this has been THE most frustrating part of my experience with Copic markers - finding the right paper to use them on!! Can you imagine that? My learning curve and frustration... was paper related and not product related.

At the Copic Cert course they give you a packet of sample papers (and markers and pens and all kinds of stuff) but in that sample pack, I focused on the paper... to this point because Copics tend to bleed through the paper, I'd tried everything and settled for watercolur paper which I ended up getting at Wamart! It was beige, and not white, (groan) and a little rough but the marker tips were strong so weathered the paper well BUT three of my most used markers dried out wayyy too soon. The watercolour paper was just drinking markers dry! I learned why at the Certification course so was VERY interested in trying the recommended papers.

So let's settle on the Prism, and the Neenah and my experiences with each.

Overall, the Prism took the colour immediately, you use so little product, it's awesome! There was zero bleeding over the edge of the image but I found in larger spaces I personally couldn't blend the colours together when doing shading on the Prism. If I wasn't blending, the Prism would be the easiest to work on. I wasn't happy especially in the blending on the face - the largest surface!

The Neenah on the other hand was as smooth as melted chocolate, and I was immediately in love! I used colours that were very different tones, a bright (like the bow) and a deep for shadows of the shirt and I loved how they blended on this paper, especially in the face :)

I also took it one step farther and kept colouring the girl's shorts. I believe coloured with 10 different colours on each and the Neenah had a bleed up into the Tshirt and the Prism had no bleeding at all, just my lazy strokes. (See the series of colours on the bottom of the Prism pic for reference - total 11 colours on those shorts).

So here I've taken the same stamp on each paper and used the exact same markers, in the exact same way on each paper and again the Neenah took more ink offering what I think is more intensity of colour and a seamless blend while the Prism was beautiful, I obviously prefer the versatility of the depth I got with the Neenah. I took one step furher and brightened the image and you can see even further the blending I think.

Okay one more exampe:

Lightened again with so very little ink as thes images are 3x bigger here than in real life and with just the tip of the marker you can see the Neenah blends easier.

I love the Neenah *obviously* and bought a ream of it because I am seriously challenged in accessing Copic products in my area, but you may prefer another paper. It depends on your colouring style, the project, and your own personal preference to try try try and enjoy experinting!!

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