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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thinking of you - cards using regular letter envelopes

One of my greatest pet peeves is not having an envelope for a card, and now that I have started making cards, I find myself finding the envelope before I start the card - LOL! I always thought if only I could come up with card patterns for regular letter envelopes I'd be set, so here's my 365 Cards Day 141 take on the sketch and my idea... I used abit of creative licence and turned the template to make it work with my idea :)


  1. love the bright colours!
    I am the same with envelopes, I use a 12x12 cardstock base (carft brown a favorite atm) and trim at 4inch mark , this long piece can be used as a top fold card or for mounting images on, then I cut the remaining piece in half (6inch mark) so both pieces measure 8x6 and they are a perfect fit for C6 size envelopes :)

  2. beautiful card I love the color combo.

  3. That's a very pretty card. I nearly turned the sketch too . . . but wasn't brave enough in the end!

  4. What a beautiful card Nikky. I love the colour combination, the green just makes it.

  5. aha....aren't you a smarty-pants for turning the sketch! It looks fabbie!!!! Your comment about the envies cracked me up...that's how I am with my tupperware...for some reason I've lost some of the lids and grrr...I always pick the tupperware without a lid...yes, I should toss them but I haven't...anyways, I have a huge stash of certain sized envies and only make cards to fit them..

  6. very pretty card! great idea to turn this sketch on its side!

  7. Gorgeous card, love the beautiful colors against the white! And turning the sketch - GREAT!

  8. Very pretty card, love what you've done with what seems like a difficult sketch :)
    - Ann

  9. I love your card and that you turned the sketch. I guess I really am a rebel as I never worry if I have an envie to match. I just make one if I need to. But then again, I love making cards....sending them...not so much. LOL



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