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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I won an award ?! :)

Yipppieeeee... somebody thinks I'm awesome *and* EXTRAORDINARY!!!
WOOT WOOT... doin' the happy dance!! Those are some of my faaaaaaaave words, thanks to my dear friend Cpeep (whose name makes me think of birdies over at Extreme Cards & Papercrafting. Now seriously, you wanna talk about awesome! Check out her blog, she's got tutorials on pop ups I still haven't had the patience to try... SHE is an extraordinary and awesome blogger, that is for sure!

Thhhhaaaank youuuuuu Cpeep!

I'll be trolling my fave blogs to find some very deserving recipients to pass this one on to ... stay tuned!


  1. It is awesome feeling when you receive an award isn't it it always thrills me as well and you totally deserve it so enjoy lol.

    Lorraine x



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