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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

FREE FILES - got your attention didn't I :)

CHEERS! If you are a new cutter owner and I really hope my blog is useful to you :)

When I first got my Cutter, I scoured the web for free files that I could play with and soon got frustrated because whatever project I was working on would take forever becasue I knew *exaclty what I wanted* and either had to buy it or find it for free online. Well, when searching for just the right cutter file, I encountered version issues, file type issues and incredulously I found a lot of great files and ideas and collected what I thought was a lot of free files - yippieee!! Like candy to a craft-addict!!!

Then, I had to figure out a filing system, and then I just got frustrated when the file I wanted to use needed just a little tweek here or there and one that could not be accomplished after I cut it. I was ready to cry at my Valntines Day attempt, I swear I wanted to throw my machine out the window!

I realized my creative brain was much too big for the software that came with the Silhouette. I broke down soon after and collected my pennies and invested in the greatest program - the KNK Studie GE software and WOW! Once I started playing with it and going over the tutorials that came with the purchase, and those free on and the fantastic user manual that came with - my juices were flowing.

So I was recently cleaning up a bit of old stuff because I am so loving my program that I dont really use GSD files anymore... I came accross my list of gold - which I have included below. I hope it helps some of you newbies, it sure helped me at the time but WOW... now, I don't BUY files - I create them in a blink of an eye!!

I'll even admit, I own a QuicKutz Silhouette and spent some money buying GSD Files and NOW... HA! I coudl create and cut those same files in just a few minutes - thanks to the KNK Studio GE Software.

Good luck, and happy cutting!!!

Tutorials and Tools (tutorials)
(change file types by group)

Free GSD & KNK Files & For files sale

I know there are more out there, you might also look for websites that have pdf files you can convert, or jpgs too.

A resource for GSD Junkies
CRAFTY, le Craft Robo
Dianas Designs
Great Scrappin Designs
Hinkeltje fotografie & scrapbooking
I Love Craft Robo
Jayrewcraft - GSD Downloads
JennieBean Crafts
Kreations By Katie
Looking Out
Sussann's Blog - Cutter Files
The latest by Mary
The Scrapbook Lady - GSD Downloads
Time for crafting
Ukscrappers - Craft Robo
Visual Designs By Chris
Wishblade Files
Wishblade GSD Files
Wishblade (French site - all free) (Free .GSD) (mostly for sale) (message board for sharing) (go to the Craft Robo part of the Forum) (jpg templates) Matching QK &

TTF Fonts: (blog; free files almost daily) (free cutting files) (cutting files; files in gallery) (inexpensive for sale)

Ideas for creating:

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