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Saturday, May 2, 2009

From panic to passion!!

Okay I must be loosing it! I tried cutting something simple the other day (3 letters for a monogram) and had to change the blade cap for the paper - I did. Then I went to cut and it started making this horrible sound and since the whole house was asleep I couldn't investigate, I powered off. Finally I now have a moment to try again and the noise is still there. Note, there are no pending print/cut jobs and I powered down and unplugged all cables before restarting, and my Silhouette is only 4 mos old! When I power up... the "carriage" (to use the old typewriter-term) wants to move left but it's as far left as it can go so the terrible sound is the motor trying to move it left. ACK! Whaaa'doo'eye'dooo? HELP!

You know, I really have to hand it to my Yahoo Group friends, they just make life so very much easier! And Sandy McCauley simply makes me want to HUG my machine!! They confirmed I am not losing it!! (and also that it's not human error, my baby is BROKEN!!


Holey smokes! I am about to cut 145 monograms for wedding invitations - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

... and that I should contact the QuickKutz Customer Support, so I did, through their website and in less than 24 hours The Silhouette Support Team said: "Thank you for alerting us to your concern. It sounds as though the Silhouette's blade holder is off track. To get the tool back on track you can manually move the device back and forth several times. This should cause the belt to get back on track. Please try this and let us know if you have any problems. "

... and it worked!

So, off I went to use the Passions Conflict Rob font I fell in love with thanks to Nancy which is no longer a free font, so for those of you who want it, try Aquarelle.

So with a PASSION font, I created these thank yous for each and every one of you who always see to it that I loooove my cutter (especially Sandy!)!!


  1. Nikki I would not have thought that font would work at all. But you did a beautiful job with it! I would have thought it would tear and I'm wondering if you had to make several attempts first or if this way your first try?


    ~Becky (From Yahoo! Group)

  2. Hi Becky,

    I cut it at about 4 inches by 2 inches (Thats a 4X6 pic)so with that height it came out great! The paper was regular cardstock, and that's on the first cut, at tag 90 at a speed of 6 ;)



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