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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1st Communion Card

Wow, looovin' how this looks with the gold ;) I manually traced a photograph using my KNK Studio GE program and had this cut in 15 minutes, start to picture! I will be using it to decorate a patent black gift bag for my husband's Goddaughter's 1st holy communion gift... which is no doubt - GOLD and beautiful ;)

Click on the pic for the knk file, sorry, didn't have time to convert it to GSD.


  1. Love the bible file, but as it's so big it would take forever to download for us folks who are still on dial-up, is there no way it could be made smaller? :-(


  2. Send me an email and I'll forward yout he file zipped :)

  3. Very nice picture to use, love the gold!



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