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Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Creating Space/Scrap Room-Part 2


Thanks Wendy my fellow Canuck for introducing my to Nancy and some of her studio ideas, awesome stuff!  I must say though that by far, Dayami who I accidentally discovered on YouTube was the sweetest person to chat and exchange ideas with and has become my greatest inspiration with her scraproom - but please note, I bought the Expedit bookshelves before I found her .. but she did inspire me to exchange my shelving unit to the white after seeing her room though ;)

I also found this to be very tempting...

There are so many Martha-haters out there,  but you
gotta give it to the woman, she can be seriously ingenious!
Click here for the details.

Today my Dad came to visit, and boy is he awesome!  He brought his drill and muscle today and we took care of some things standing in my way and now I have everything I need to create my very own "for the first time ever" permanent crafting space - woot woot!

So, in celebration of spring cleaning and recreating my new space, I gave my blog a blog lift with a new background that reflects how clean and fresh having my own space will feel... I'm so excited, can you tell? My shelves are white, and my desk top is also white and I chcukle when I think of some stray airbrishing getting on my beloved WHITE desk and I say "WHO CARES" it'll add to the charm because this desk is mine mine mineeeee... yippieee!!!
No more sharing a table, no more being a gypsy scrapper in my own house, YAYYY!!!!

Any suggestions on what shade of blue I should paint the one accent wall?

Stay tuned... for more... probably in a week :)

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1 comment:

  1. OMG! I adore her!!!! She is so amazing! I just LOVE people that do awesome things and people who are positive and inspire and teach lots of things.

    Cant wait to see your scraproom!



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