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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Creating Space / Scrap Room - Part 1

I've been looking at moving my Creating Space to another part of the house, away from tempting my adorable little two year old who exasperatingly allllways wants to help Mummy... to somewhere that I can leave what I am working on until I can complete it and most importantly somewhere that I can SEE everything!!!

Since November, I've been secretly lurking on youtube looking at people's scraproom tours for ideas, an then I got an iMac for Christmas, which ended up on my scrappy desk and everything lost perspective, yet again. I needed a change and I needed to *see* my stuff, and packing it all away isn't helping my creative mojo! I hope I can incorporate the computer in my new scrappy space, but I don't mind printing and blogging elsewhere... my creating space loses it's magic when there is a computer, or even a TV to distract me.  I love playing music to suit my mood, with a general goal in mind (or challenge) and then I just see what happens after that ;)

Anywhoo... during our march break I stumbled across a fantastic 40% off deal at IKEA! So, I bought 2 bookcases and some other cool wall-space organizers to hold my Copic markers in easy reach, etc.. I also made a second trip back last night for a wall-mounted CD holder because I keep all my stamps in CD cases and also got a shelf at 60% off from the sold as-is area in the same exact colour as the bookcases I just got.

I wish I'd given you a tour of my scrap space before I cleared it out for our house guests, but I'll have to give you a tour of my bedroom's tucked away storage instead, which in all honesty isn't that far off from how it was in the guest room before the guests arrived, it was more loosely packed, but just as cramped!

Before I captured a corner in our guest room/computer room for scrapping, just had my rolling drawers that I swear I'd always bring to all-night crops and park it at the end of the table next to me on my right - LOL, they thought I was nutz but I had everything I needed and always got *a lot* accomplished, and I could lift it up and down stairs on my own (afterall that is what I was doing at home).

Back 10 + years ago, I had boxes, then rubber maid boxes and then I found plastic drawer storage towers that are 12X15 so hold 12X12 papers nicely with finger room, which soon became TWO and I also got these great 12X12 paper stackers from a scrap store that was going out of business - they were a steal, and they're awesome! And soon I started using an armoire I had to tuck away my QK Revolution and my Silhouette, my mini sewing machine, my box of scraps and all my books, printouts, paper and reference materials. And... then came the scrappin' table... so I could scrap with a buddy. My table is a fold-away table which I also got at 70% off once upon a time ;) Siiigh... that's about 10 years of scrappin in a nutshell, and there is too much inspiration out there for me not to "work it" in a way that inspires me and enables me to create quickly with everything close at hand ;)

 ... below in the armoire... yeah, more wedding crystal
that needs to be packed away and printer ink, etc etc

... and my latest addition, my Baby Blue...
how sad he is not being used (boo hoo)
 - I think I want to add some ears on him,
he reminds me of an obedient little blue puppy
sitting there quietly in anticipation.

Anyway, I have some semi-permanent packing up of never used or opened wedding presents to do before I can capture the lost basement space I plan to call my own Creating Space, and one day when my house grows up (soon I hope), I will take what I have started and expand it.. and unpack the wedding presents LOL.

I got the majority of my Scrap Room inspirations from: Betsy Veldman, Dawn McVey and Mary Fish.

Stay tuned for more... coming slowly but surely :)

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((¸¸.·´ ..·´ Create with passion!
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  1. Check out this one. She has great ideas in her room! I did the pegboard like hers and it rocks!



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