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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First to Emerg and then WHAM! The car is hit!

Yesterday, I went to work and left her home with Daddy... they were both fighting a cold, hers farther along than his. He was so kind not to share with me what his day held, and the HE didn't get a minutes rest at all... until I got home and she'd gotten a fat lip from a fall, and after finally being exhausted enough to give up the fight and sleep even though she couldn't breathe without wheezing, when she fell asleep she wouldn't breath for 5 seconds and then when she did she would forget she was stuffed up and gasp when she couldn't inhale through her nose and then scream in pain because her ears were blocked. We took her to emergency as the walk-in clinics don't have Pediatricians and I was afraid of the not breathing part...

In Emerg, she was prescribed antibiotics to prevent pneumonia from setting in - MAN! That happened so fast :( The ear and throat infection are causing the fevers and chills and THAT is causing the "drunk" behavior and her falling and acting weird. The sinus congestion from the cold probably caused the infection, and lack of appetite. So we leave the hospital, get her meds from the pharmacy, give them to her in the car because it's 2 hours past bedtime and she's exhausted and traumatized and we drive slowly because the roads are slick from the rain and she FINALLY was resting and breathing through her mouth and we get PLOWED in an intersection!

In the rain... 12 minutes after impact he's still left skid marks from the oil on the road! What was he thinking "gunning" it into the intersection making a left turn, cutting us off and trying to make it through the intersection before we made it through the intersection going "straight"on a yellow light, in the first rain we've had in weeks???!!!

The police, fire and ambulance arrive - the ambulance attendant eventually assesses us and the driver of the other car gets charged criminally - all like a bad dream! I can't believe how VAGUE people are when telling you what to look for in a baby - I mean the child just started heavy duty antibiotics and those side effects are the SAME as the concussion effects the ambulance attendant said to look out for. My hands are still trembling, it's all so crazy and scary! We're all okay though and both cars drove away from the scene.

I didn't sleep much last night between the two of them and spent most of the night in the Lazy-Boy chair with her resting on my chest crying in her sleep - gosh - heart wrenching!

Today, the antibiotics are already working, and she's taken 7 sips of water and that's all since 11AM yesterday - groooan! But she's fighting her Daddy for the remote control and enjoying banging her cookie-tin drum, so we are making progress !!! LOL :)


  1. Wow..this sound horrific...hope all is well.

  2. Gosh no wonder you have the shakes it sounds like an unwanted eventful evening and hope you are both ok.

    Lorraine x

  3. Oh Nikki my heart goes out to your little angel and both you and your husband, my friend. I got all teary reading your post and I am glad to see that everyone is safe. And you found the time and strength to make a card. . .WOW!!! Cute card at that Nikky lol.
    Big Hugs

  4. OMG Nikki, how terrible! I'm so happy that you are all okay! Keep us posted on everything!



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