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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And I thought she made it ....

For my brithday last week I recevied a hand made card from my Auntie who was recently laid off and I was so excited becasue to me... it was obviously hand made. I have never recevied a hand made card before so being on the receiving end sure felt special :) I poured over the pencil-crayon colouring of the flower, the inked edges, the stamped coordinating textured background, the hand-dotted curvy cropped border that had too many dots in one area and the fact that the torn paper was the 'other' side, not the side that showed the tear. I was so touched, I had to call her and thank her not only for the lovely words inside but the time it must've taken her to make this card. And... she told me she bought it at a local fair. WHAT? I am no expert, but I've been paper crafting going on 10 years now and this is not exactly rocket science and ... I really want to know how much she bought this "one of a kind" for - and why didn't I think of that????? Ah well, here's my lovely hand made birthday card made by a stranger who is WAYYYY smarter and more entrepreneurial than moi!!

...but that's not all... here's anohter cutie-patootie custom stamp from sassydesignsbysusie

and last but not least... 2 day blog candy over at crafts international - yayyy!!!


  1. Have I asked you how old are you yet??? LOL My girlfriend is obsessed by Tink, where did you get those stamps?



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