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Friday, August 7, 2009

Peaceful Wedded Bliss

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Off we go to yet another wedding, this one I am sure will be just as beautiful as the last. This couple is such a wonderful pair of people. They have both been through a lot of life's challenges and have come out even more beautiful (on the inside) than ever before... and then.. they met ;) ... now they are getting married in the beautiful mountains in Lake Placid. This is one of those "need I say more" cards, and the elegance of the beautiful thick textured super soft ribbon is what just makes this card say "ahhhh" when you open it up. It's so so sooo perfect :)

The sentiment, I did on my computer,

The stamp is my custom stamp

The slits help everything sit perfectly positioned

And the final card, a masterpiece!

... and happens to meet one of the 365 Day Card challenges too LOL ;)

... and don't forget the groom's daughter... her star booklet was made to make sure she didn't feel lift out on the wedding day. See my previous post for more pics of it. I've en'velop'ed in the same paper I made the wedding card from.
Have a wonderful week and weekend, I'll be back next week.


  1. These are beautiful, Nikki. You've done a fantastic job on this :)

  2. Just lovely Nikki. Beautiful paper, and very elegant! Beautiful job!

  3. Nikki, your card is beautiful to look at. I would definitely post a link in my blog, if I had one. LOL...Milliejs



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