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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wedding invitations

Now that the wedding is over and the couple on their honeymoon, I can finally share some of my creations. Here is the wedding invitation I designed alongside the bride. I am so proud of her, she'd make a suggestion, I'd make a mock-up and finally we reached a consensus of what I "could" do and what I believed *SHE* could do and we then we firmed up our design and she got to creating the content, and ordering paper, envelopes and tha card base. So, I got out my handy Silhouette and logged into my KNK Studio GE software and designed the monogram with the font we agreed on that would be completely versatile, then out came the CM straight cutter and I made a very realistic mock-up in full colour - she LOVED IT! 150 invitations later, she did most of the straight cutting, all of the assembling and I fiddled with monograms and helped her with formatting what would be printed to maximize paper and gave her some coaching on the cutting, etc. Many hours later - the final product was done :) Isn't it sexy !! I'm so proud of her and so is she!!
(Next time, she'll remember to center everything before printing though!!)


  1. These are beautiful! Very elegant! You are a good friend, and I'm sure that your friend, the bride, is quite pleased, and proud of herself, as well! Thanks for sharing...

  2. Awww (blush) thanks :) At times, it was an excercise inpatience and positive vibes but I really am MORE proud of her for accomplishing her vision than she probably is !!

    My shower gift to her was in Sept when she settles in, I'd buy her a scrapbook, straight cutter and refill pages for her to get her personal memories and pic of her weddig experience in one pretty place. Then WEEE can play with all the leftover ribbon and paper she's got - weeeeeee !!!!



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