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Monday, June 29, 2009

Ohhhh a pretty little FREEBIE!!!

Darcy's gone and done it again, with another adorable freebie on her blog as a teaser to a beautiful file of none other than a humingbird on a flower!!! It's soooo sweet and the word file - just soooo cute!! Makes me want to make some cards right now!!

Not meaning to Blog-Brag (well, ya, I am) I have been really impressed with the simplicity, and quality of Darcy's cutter files, they are awesome!! What strikes me the most is how she designs them for the ease of cutting, no small parts, layers and texture. I started actually rething how I design my own files after looking at her assembly instructions.

Here's a file I won when she offered some blog-candy ... I love this file so much, I use it often becasue it is so darned EASY, classy and well designed!! Ahhh... she's simply a breath of fresh air!!

Thanks Darcy... and I especially looove the font use used for the "Pretty Little Thing" in your Hummingbird Words file - howww tweet!!

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