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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I love Markers - Copic markers!!

I have been surfing for some card making ideas over the last while, trying to use up the scrap papers that are in my drawer that I will never remember when scrapbooking but are so pretty that I had to keep em! I've come accross quite a few very great templates and ideas and challenges (awesome stuff) and blog candy contests (doin' the happy dance). But what most interestingly caught my eye was all the stampin' that's going on in blogworld. Holey smokes, I had NO idea!! Back when I first started scrapbooking, eh hemm... about 8+ years ago, stamping seemed so "grade-school" and scrapbooking was a beautiful way to be creative, cherish memories and most importantly for a crafty-anal person like myself, I could CLOSE THE BOOK when it was done, and revisit later ;) LOL.

Well nowadays stamping has taken on a whole new level of awesome!!!
Here's a perfect example by Debbie of
what made me do it...

And sure enough, the colouring that caught my eye over and over again was using Copic Markers and wouldn't you know it there's a blog called I love Markers so I called my fave scrapbook store and they said they are backordered for months and they being in a teacher once every 4 months to teach people how to use Copics because they are so darned popular. Hmmm.... what am I missing I thought. They don't have any in stock and probably never will so... what about a REAL artist's store, wouldn't anime artists go there for supplies - of course!! So off I went, they DID have loooots in stock and I bought the beginner set and a few other must have colours. I had to. It wan't an option! I have a few stamps, clear stamps have been cool and a great way to add doo dahs to the cards I'd been making to date but colouring them... like painiting with vibrant colours uning a marker that cours like a paintbruush it's just sooo awwwwwwwsomeeeee - BLOWS MY CREATIVE SOCKS OFF!!

And... another summery inspiration over at
how beautiful!

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