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Monday, June 22, 2009

Flower Pocket Card

Aren't they beautiful??

Here's the challenge and and an example of
the inside of this card idea made by Missie_coop

You can totally use the QuicKuts flowers and leaves that come with the Silhouette in the QK Library and resize them, cut a bunch in different colours and if you have the RM upgrade the QK Library now has leaves you can also cut and add. What am I talking about??

  1. Once you arrange and resize your flowers and leaves, save the file! Then save under another filename so you don't lose the integrity of the individual flowers.
  2. Then weld the whole flower & leaves bunch and make a mat. Remove the flowers now (they are in the previous file) and add a rectangle and weld that to the flowers background as your card base and cut!
  3. Remember to cut a bit of paper (by hand even) at the right size for your message to be written on as well.
  4. Now back to your original file with all the pretty stuff. Cut the leaves and flowers in different colours, be patient with yourself.
  5. Now you get to assemble!! YAY!
  6. To make the flower pot base, I'd just cut it by hand :) And... the ribbon is the only thing holding it closed according to the original directions.

You know I am talking to you - Miss.A!! Enjoy :)

1 comment:

  1. Love these cards....they are definetly on my 'to do' list.



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