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Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's been forever since I had a camerahhh!!!!

I've missed you my BBFForevers!!  I've been making all kinds of things as I nip in and out of my Craft space.  It's so convenient, I can now finish a project in 1/2 hour and not even notice that the project has been given away faster than I can take a picture!  

A few days ago my darling said "Look Mummy, a tail".. it was the wrist strap from my camera!  Well well well... I wonder WHO put it under the couch!  LOL!  But I am grateful to have it back so I can share some of these things with you.

Well, I've got a few projects I've been working on - My boss' wedding gift card holder/card was beautifully embossed and ... well, I don't have a pic, but it was stunning!  I've made a Father's Day book, a bunch of misc. birthday cards, I been getting my daughter's scrapbook caught up to March 2010 (not bad), I've got some baby shower invitations on the go (and soon thank you cards and paper crafts for the event in July), and that very special scrapbook I mentioned in an earlier post.

Now that my camera is back in business, I just need new batteries and then I'll post and get caught up!

Have a grrrreat weekend and stay tuned...

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