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Monday, November 23, 2009

I cannot begin to describe how awesome the Copic Certification course was

Hello my lovely BBFFs - I cannot begin to describe how awesome the Copic Certification course was on Saturday. I learned a bunch of things I never knew I didn't know! And our lovely instructor Sherrie was awesome! She is also so much prettier in person than her formal-ish blog-pic (tee hee)

I left with 34 Copic Ciao markers and now own 45... some I bought, some were free with the certification class and I got a bunch of free stuff like an entire bottle of blender fluid and paper samples, and reference materials that I just can't wait to - siiighh... so much stuff, so little time!
The display at the store was like CANDY - this isn't the Scrapbook Centrale store pic though, because I was so absorbed in everything was learning I actually FORGOT to take pictures, can you imagine - OMG!!!

It was so cool to see some of Sherrie's artwork up close and personal, like the boat card with the textured sail similar to this one but she used a different technique she told us how to do, some of her fabric work and colouring fabric with Copic markers, and the atyou spika glitter pen on the bottom of the cherries on this card - OMG! Just awesome!

We learned so many techniques, and SAW and got to try almost every product they carry! It was actually mind blowing!

None of my sample work is finished so I'll have to sit down and finish them off and post a bunch pretty soon, I can't believe how tired I am from my 20 hour journey and class. Soon, I'll sit back and go through my notes and share my Ah Ha! moments with you one by one after they digest.

The smaller end brush on Copic markers has a grey ring around the end by the cap... did you notice that before? I didn't think so ;)

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  1. Congrats on getting Cert - ti- Fied!!!! Welcome to the club!!!

  2. Yes, it was funny to go to scrapbook central, I have my certificate the day after to the Hotel...I appreciate that sunday...thanks to come on my blog, for sure we will stay in contact...have a good night...

  3. LUcky you....getting taught by such a clever person. Can't wait to see your creations.



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