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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 1/1/11 !!! ... and I'm selling my beloved QK Revolution & dies!!

Oooh I sure hope this year keeps each and every one of you happy, healthy and inspired to create pretty little paper things!!

To start the new year, with the help of my brand spankin' new iPhone4 (insert wild cheering here) I will have no excuse for not having a camera nearby lol. So without haste, here's my evolved and messy craft area, I call it "Grand Central Station" because everything is within an arm's reach, including my laptop under the table to the left running my Silhouette digital craft cutting machine!!  Notice to the left, up past the ribbon, and the Silhouette cutter is my brand spankin new Big Shot express *insert even wilder cheering here* that I have been waiting four months for since I got it at 60% off with free shipping (to the US) so I had to wait for Hubbyto go get the darned thing from Florida, but it was well worth the wait!!

...look to the left...

... my cockpit, everything within arms reach ...
... and look to the right...

So, since I have this new Big Shot, I am selling my QK Revolution... and quite a few 2X2 and alphabet dies that I have lovingly used so much that my Hubby even recognizes them in my scrapbook - eek!!

If you are interested, drop me a line before I put it up on Kijiji and eBay because I still have the original 4X4 platform, and am selling it with the 12X4 long platform and the original case.  Because I am in the Toronto area, it will be quite a hefty shipping price I'd imagine to the US or oveseas, so if you are a local gal... happy new year!!!  It'll be yours for a little more than a penny in the pan!!  And if you are interested in some well loved, gently used dies - let me know!!

I'll also add a video of my book of dies as well :)
Please email me if you are interested.

Have a haapppppy new year!!

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