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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Creating Space/Scrap Room-Part 4.0

I did it!!!

Not only have I (almost) completed my new creating space, but I've got it on video for you too :)

Some of the bits and pieces I used to create this space were:
IKEA Expedit shelves $60x2
IKEA apothecary jars $4 per 4 pack
IKEA ribbon jar $5
IKEA fabric drawers $6 each
IKEA plastic drawer $20
Paper stacker
6 pack bucket $10 to hold my copic markers
Peg board $5 bucks, peg board starter kit $6, peg board ribbon rack pegs $3, ribbon rack dowel $3, ribbon used to trim home-cut melamine shelves $3 adhered with my handy glue gun.
See through drawers for scrap papers

Have a wonnnnderful day!

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