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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Birthdays and a birthing day coming up!!

I got my 1/4 inch ATG gun-714  for my birthday and woooo hooo I love that thing!!!  I use it on paper, ribbon, just EVERYTHING!  I'll post about that in a separate post - it deserves it's day in the spotlight ;)

I have been up to so so sooo much, and I have to apologize since when I finally get into my crafting "zone" I completely forget to take pictures to share with you - so sorry.  I have been using laundry time during weeknights as an excuse and kind of a timer so I can get a chance to create.

First things first, my sister in law is due with their first child on Sept 6th, so you know I have been up to something to welcome baby, right?  ... stay tuned they're *both* coming soon ;)  Also, my brother (the father to be) and cousin both have birthdays this week so I've created two cards for them.

My cousin won't believe I made this card, just the way he is, so I purposely put his name and the year behind a Tim Holtz fragment so there would be no doubt LOL.  It's all PTI Enchanted Evening ribbon, background paper and ink - and the PTI Birthday Basics stamp set.


This one just evolved because I really like to use my scraps so I used scrap ribbon and misc paper and ribbon and eyelets and my cropadile and it just evolved :)  I also used the PTI Birthday Basics stamp set, and som ecute gear-looking things I had found at my Dad's he said I could have LOL

Again, when I use my web cam the pic turns out the mirror image - sorry I really don't know how to fix it LOL.

Have a wonnnnderful day!

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  1. Hi! I came to your blog after reading your Copic post on the Silhouette message board, and I was just scrolling through your blog posts and noticed what you said about the webcam. Sorry if I'm late telling you this, but usually there is a checkbox or something in the webcam settings called "mirror" which will flip the image. It should work for both video and still images! (you also could pull the pics into any photo program and flip them there as well!)

    Your blog looks cute - I'm excited to read some more entries!

  2. OMG! I totally did and it's flipped the image now - thank you so much Erin!!!



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